Photography Policy

If you are a professional photographer, receiving payment for your photography or videography services, conducting formal posed photography, taking aerial photography, painting or drawing our farm, taking promotional photos, or are interested in private photography sessions, please see below.

Email us at to request a date and release form. 


  • Be kind to others and respect our farm. If you wish to take photographs you must contact us via email to arrange to be granted permission to be on farm property. Trespassing is unlawful and not permitted.
  • NO DRONES (see Drone Photography section below for exceptions)
  • No use of balloons, glitter, confetti, rice, or other items that may damage, litter or deface our farm or surrounding property. 
  • Dream Weavers Farm reserves the right to alter this policy or refuse photographer access at any time for any reason.


Formal Posed and/or Professional Photography

Posed photography includes bridal, family, senior photos, prom, pregnancy, and the like. The photographer does not need to be receiving payment for the shoot or be considered a “professional” for this fee to apply. 

Professional Photography includes anyone who could make money from their photos or is considered a professional photographer. This may also include commercial photography and stock photography. 

There is a $40 per session fee (1hr) + $20 per hour thereafter for posed photography sessions and professional photography at our farm. Please submit payment along with printed and completed photographer form at least 7 day prior to your session. We accept cash, check or credit cards. 

Plein Air Artists

Those wishing to paint or draw our farm are welcome to do so free of charge with an appointment. Please contact us at to schedule. We do ask that you mention our farm in any published works, tag us on social media and let us know of your achievements!

Promotional Photographers

Qualifying journalists, lifestyle bloggers or social media influencers taking photography on our farm with the purpose of promoting our business are welcome to photograph free of charge once approved. For approval email us at

Drone Photography & Videography

Drones are not permitted on our property without a scheduled, paid session. Drone Sessions are $150 per hour and must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Drone operator must have a proper drone license. Drop-ins are NOT permitted. Availability is limited and booking is at the full discretion of Dream Weavers Farm. Drones must remain in their carrying cases until the scheduled time slot and a Dream Weavers Farm employee is present and has given the go ahead. Specific photo shoot location requests and an alternate weather date must be scheduled at the time of booking. Submission of payment along with date approval, proof of license and completed drone photography form will reserve your session.


Pricing for videography is set on a case by case basis. Advanced reservations are required. Please email us at for inquires regarding videography on our farm.