Our Story

Dream Weavers Farm was officially created in 2019, however the “dream” began well before that time. Our quaint little farm sits on a small piece of a larger farm that has been in our family for well over a century. Over the years, the land has been used in many different ways, lived on by countless members of our family, and cherished by us all. We (three generations of Weavers) now proudly call this property home.

As new homes were built and new members of the family were born we often contemplated what to do with the piece of land that now sits nestled in the middle of our little slice of paradise. Following hours of research and careful consideration we fell in love with idea of a beautiful field full of a purple lavender and even more so with the endless possible uses for it.  So in February of 2019 we placed our first order of lavender plants and began the process of preparing for them to arrive.

On the seventh of May our plants arrived and three generations of Weavers began a new adventure. We spent the next three days planting nearly 1300 plants and on the evening of the final day watched the three youngest members of the family put the final plant in the ground. We then stepped back and watched the sunset over the first phase of Dream Weavers Farm.

Over the following summer we continued our research and development and decided to add blueberries to a small section of the farm in the fall followed by a second planting of lavender in the spring of 2020.

In June of 2020 after watching in amazement at the growth of our initial planting of lavender, our first harvest was upon us. This was a part of our journey that we were not quite sure how to prepare for. All of the harvesting is done by hand and we were just going to have to figure it as we went. The process took us a little over three weeks of which we learned many new things about ourselves, lavender and bees, lots of bees. The crazy thing was, despite the heat and hard work, we would return each morning in amazement of how beautiful it was and how wonderful it smelled.

The months after our first harvest  full of learning, experimenting and planning for the future. We have developed a line of products that we now sell online. In our spare time we cut grass, pull weeds, and continue to dream up ways to make the farm ever better. In the upcoming months we plan to begin construction on a fabulous barn that will contain an on-farm shop as well as a workshop and a drying room for lavender. Once the barn is complete we plan to open Dream Weavers Farm to the public allowing customers to pick their own lavender and blueberries, shop in our store or just sit back and enjoy a cold glass of lavender lemonade.